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  • A Typical Nirvana Ride

    Thanks to Anthony for putting together a video of a recent Sunday ride. Conditions are superb at the moment & we're so lucky to live one of the best area in the UK for mountain biking... Well done Andy & for doing 'the drop' & topping a momentous week for you! And well done Aimee for bouncing back up after an unexpected dismount & also doing the drop.. 

  • Nirvana Cycles Freeride practice

    Summer has finally arrived & what a fantastic day to be out on the bikes. We headed over to Simon's new trails & got some jump practice in. Dave, Wayne & Russell were fairly new to jumping but made amazing progress with Russell topping it off by showing how not do it at the end. Luckily he was ok & soon got back into the swing of things. 

    Nirvana Cycles Saturday practice July 23rd 2016 from Dan H on Vimeo.

    Dan showing us how to do it on some of the virgin jumps.