Bike Trekking by Tony Berlin

bike packing, dartmoor

Bike packing seems to be becoming much more popular & here's a little write up from our resident all things biking guru Tony B. 

So the Dartmoor bike packing adventure was awesome. We cheated a bit and stayed in bunkhouses next to pubs for some creature comforts that were much needed after spending the days riding in bloody cold conditions. It was interesting seeing everyone's bike setups and what they where using to carry their gear.I had a home made bar harness which held my sleeping bag, down jacket, bib shorts and spare socks in a dry bag. On the frame was an Apidura bag with rain jacket, extra gloves, gels & spare etc.Under the saddle was a wildcat harness with a dry bag with my evening trainers, trousers and next day tops in. I also took my rucksack for water and tubes and towel. The bike rode well with the load and the rigid fork helped on the long climbs but was harsh on the rocky descents. It was a fun, hard and exciting weekend, the weather changes so quickly from the low wooded areas to the high exposed moors but that was the challenge. We had some experienced map readers with us which was cool and interesting learning how to read from the map as well. I can't wait for next trip, I will be planning some more local ones so anyone interested give me a shout (Tony,) hoping end of April to ride from Surrey down to Swanage mainly off road and catch train back. Stay awesome and put some adventure in your life


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