Landmark Saturday Ride

Nirvana, mtb ride, leith hill, mother hucker

There was a good turn out for the Nirvana Saturday ride. Unsurprising , considering it felt like the first day of spring. There was a mixture of abilities so we headed over to 'Head's Roll' to get a bit of practice in & build everyones confidence up over some jumps. We then bimbled on over to Leith hill for some wiggle waggle riding which if you've ridden with Simon you'll know exactly what that is! Lots of twists, turn, ups & downs. Then Dan revealed that he had his eye on doing 'Mother Hucker'.....Cue a collective in take of breath! For those who have no knowledge of this drop, it's one of the biggest around the 'Surrey Hills' if not the biggest. This was a popular jump for very accomplished riders 5-6 years ago & young Alex, our Saturday boy was pretty good at it, but on a DH bike. It is very intimidating. So Dan deciding to tackle it on his 29er with 140mm travel was a little bit daunting. However, as you can see from the video below he carried it off with aplomb,  landing the best that I've ever seen it done. You can also sense the nervousness & total relief when he landed ok from everyone watching. Well done Dan. There were also quite a few newcomers out on the ride & they also achieved personal bests with some of the riding & jumps they did. A big thank to Matt for the the video below, which he took whilst demoing our Lapierre Zesty 527AM which seemed to lap up the jumps effortlessly. Mother Hucker is the last jump in the video. A great day to be out & mountain biking.  

Zesty Demo ride with Nirvana Cycles from Matt H on Vimeo.

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