Pivot Firebird 29 Ex Demo

Ex demo large for sale with XT Pro build, In very good condition. Call for details

Crushes Climbs, Slays Descents...And Rewrites the 29er Playbook Enduro courses. World Cup Downhill courses. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two these days. Well, right up until the point when you have to grind your way to the top of the absolute hairball descent—that would be enduro. And that is also where the new Firebird 29 enters the picture—with its speed generating 29er wheels and a penchant for kicking ass. The Firebird 29’s big wheels gobble up miles with ease, roll right over the gnar and add insane levels of traction to the mix. But this is no monster truck. The Firebird 29 is a lightweight machine that boasts a poppy, lively feel that long-travel 29ers have never possessed. Until now.

Full Carbon frame only with carbon cranks £4450

With XT Race build £5600

With XT Pro build £6950

With XO1 Race build £6200

With X01 Pro build £8050

Call for full specs or visit Pivot Cycles

Price: £ 4950

Was: £ 6950