The oldest mtb shop in the surrey hills is still 100% rider owned and run

The Boss (Sam)

Well, it's me writing about myself so here goes...

Prior to working at Nirvana I had owned 2 successful businesses and have a long history in sales/customer service. This goes right back to the early 00's when I used to sell advertising space in the naughty section of the Exchange & Mart magazine, a dream job for a young man in his late teens :)

Growing up I lived at the skatepark every weekend but I didn't find MTB until 2015, I was instantly hooked. When COVID hit and wiped out my business I had to look at what I really wanted to do for the rest of my working career and this led me to working at Nirvana, 2 years later I'm now the Co-Owner with Carl!

You'll see me out in the Surrey Hills every weekend riding the local trails either leading our shop ride on a Saturday or exploring unknown trails on my day off, make sure you come and say hi!

The other boss (Carl)

Hello! I'm Carl and I'm the Co-Owner of Nirvana Cycles with Sam! Before taking over the shop I was a customer of Nirvana and friend of Sam & Miles. I had heard that Sam maybe getting an offer together to take over the shop and I had to get involved! Growing up I was into MTX for a while in my teens so when I first jumped on a mountain bike it was a natural fit. I began MTB back in 2015 when I started riding in the Surrey Hills and I can probably say that I have ridden almost every week since! I've recently started a family which does take up a lot of my time along with running 2 other businesses so I'm not around the shop as much as I'd like to be but you can still see me in there and also leading the occasional shop ride!